who is bagman?

He sees our planet being choked with plastic debris, marine animals mistaking plastic bags for their food, sea birds eating bright coloured plastic waste. Appalled, he finally uses his superpower, that which resides within everyone – a power to make a change. He shields himself with it for this mission to save our planet from plastic pollution.

He is a Superhero;
The protector of the real realm;

he is you.

how is he like?

Mighty & Gentle

Green Crusader

often seen with

What is his superpower?

Within everyone resides a dormant power- an inner voice that tells you what is right and pushes you to make a change. It often goes unheard but Bagman is here to re-activate it. Guided by his inner voice, he now goes around the world, inspiring organizations and individuals to use the super-weapon, an alternative: 

reusable, stylish cotton bags.

Does He Have An Arch Enemy?

Of course. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Conveniently lying around wherever you go, slowly filling the streets, roads, streams and seas. It’s made of polymer and takes 1000 years to decompose: 

Plastic bags


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